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India is going through a major farming transition. Much of the soil on Indian farms has been degraded by over-use of fertilizers. The current techniques used by most farmers in India are based on chemical-based agri-inputs which are no longer providing the yields that they once did. Additionally, there is a growing domestic and international demand for more transparency on agriculture practices especially for products that are natural or organically grown. The current suppliers of a new generation of organic, sustainable agri-inputs are small and unorganized. Additionally, there is a lot of product adulteration, poor product packaging, and lack of transparency on product ingredients.


1921_photoessay_VLE_field1VillFarm has developed a broad product line of premium, proprietary, organic agri-input products covering categories such land preparation, seed treatment, basal application, pest management and adjuvants. These products are now being distributed in South India and supported by a growing band of farmer technical advisors. VillFarm offers farmers the opportunity to improve the health of their soil, become organic-ready, while delivering higher yields for multiple crops.


Within 5 years, VillFarm plans to reach to over a million rural households in 15,000 Indian villages improving their income by at least 20%-30%. VillFarm will also train and hire 3,000 village-based farmer technical advisors providing needed employment to youth.

About VillFarm

VillFarm is building a new product line of high-performance agri-inputs addressing the high-growth market of sustainable agriculture products in India. VillFarm is based in Bangalore, India.

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